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Ukraine Money

You will have no problems with changing money in Kiev: a multitude of currency booths is scattered throughout the capital. You can also find them in the airport, the railway station, hotels and big shops. Downtime is 9:00 to 21:00. Russian rubles, European eurous, and American dollars, which are most popular in Kyiv, would be accepted everywhere. But if you have guldens or tugriks, you should go to a bank. It is forbidden to pay somewhere in foreign currency: from August 1995 by Decree of the President, all payments on the territory of Ukraine are to be effectuated in grivnyas. Exchange rate can be changed around the city. In places of concentration of tourists ( airport, railway station, hotels ) the exchange rate would be disadvantageous, as well as in some night clubs, expensive shops etc. But if you have to change money at night, better do it there, not to run in dark streets, looking for an exchange booth, which works at night. Before you change your money, pay attention to the exchange rate displays. No commission is imposed for exchange. The cashier will give you a receipt, where it will indicated where, when and how much money you've changed. Avoid changing money with accidental acquaintances or street money- changers : first - this is illegal; second - you are most likely to be cheated. Make sure your foreign currency bills are crisp and new looking. Rumpled, torn and written-on bills are usually rejected. The exchange rate for today is 5.30 - 5.40 Gr per 1 Dollar.


Personal checks practically do not exist in Ukraine, but many places in Kiev accept major credit card. The most common in Kiev is 'VISA'. But when you go to a new place, it is better to find out, what means of payment are available for different services. Usually you can see cash dispencer in the streets, which work in different languages.


Travellers' checks can be cashed in a number of banks and hotels.

GRIVNYA, ( or HRYVNAS, grivnas)

The Ukrainian national currency is Grivnya. One grivnya consists of 100 kopeks. In Ukraine there coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50 kopeks.

The most effective way to protect oneself from a fake is to use a spea\cial detector. You may also use the following advise:

- notes of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20,50, 100 and 200 UAH are now current, each of them bears a relevant portrait of an outstanding figure of Ukrainian history and literature on the face, and historical monuments on the back;
- the notes are printed on special paper with water marks, seen against the light ( portraits are situated in special places );
- inside every note there is a special protective metal strip; the portraits, inscriptions and separate decorative elements are done in relief printing, stand out and can be felt by fingers;
- the code drawing changes, if you hold the note at different angles;
- the merging drawing is placed in one and the same position on the face and on the back, when viewed against the light, they should correspond.

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