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Ukrainian national food numbers hundreds of recipes. Some dishes have a multi-century "seniority",
as for example, the famous Ukrainian borsch - the forefather of many local soups. Today there are up to 30 ways of preparing borsch.

Diverse meat dishes occupy a honorable place in the Ukrainian menu. First of all pork is used, then - veal and chicken, usually fried and stewed. Such dishes as home stew, stuffed chicken (known in the West as 'Chicken Kiev'), cold boiled pork stuffed with lard and garlic, home sausage, Ukrainian meat balls and pork, stewed with lard and cabbage. Meat, prepared in special clay bowls has a unique taste.

Among the favorite fish dishes of the Ukrainians one can name crucians baked in cream; pike stewed with horse-radish; pike perch stewed with mushrooms and crevices: It is impossible to stay in Kyiv and not to taste the legendary, praised in folk vareniki and halushkas.

Very popular are fried eggs with lard. Lard is one of the most popular Ukrainian dishes. It is eaten baked, fresh, salted, stewed, it is used to stuff meat to make it juicier.

Porridge from different cereals are eaten with milk, cream, sunflower oil or overfried onions and shkvarkas (small pieces of lard, fried to gold).

Ukrainian cuisine also provides a wide range of dishes, which would overjoy the fussiest gourmand. To prepare confectionary they use fruit, honey, poppy-seed, nuts etc.

The best Ukrainian restaurants are:
Khutorets - Nab. Khreschatinska str., pier #1
Kozachok - 118 Kyrovohradskaya str.
Kozak Mamay - 4 Proriznaya str.
Pervak - 2 Rohnidynskaya str.
Taras - Park T.Shevchenko
Za Dvoma Zaytsyamy.- 34 Andriyivskiy Uzviz


One of the biggest problems for tourists is water. In Kyiv it is possible to buy water in any supermarket, shop. The price will be about $1 per 1 liter. It is recommended that you boil tap water before drinking it because it is not clean enough even after purification. Bottled water is easy to find in supermarkets. Be forewarned that water supply, especially hot , can be irregular.

Among drinks you will be offered tea, coffee, juice. The aroma of coffee will inspire you for new excursions. Kyivans drink tea with lemon, berries and herbs.

As for alcohol drinks, the variety is very wide. Many recipes have been known by the Ukrainian people from ancient times. The striving for diversification of tastes led to the creation of a multitude of new collections of wines and brands of strong drinks. Kyivans respect this medical prescription. Home-made wines from grapes, berries and fruit will always be the hosts object of pride. The fine wines "Zolotiy Vil" would impress the most refined connoisseur.

As for another alcohol drinks, you may be offered also cognac, champagne, vodka, ligueur. In Ukraine Vodka is also called Gorilka, which is really strong. It is better to taste vodka in good company and with a lot of food. Ukrainians like to celebrate holidays with champagne: the first toast at birthdays, weddings, celebrations of the New Year are always marked by a specific "salute" - the pop of the cork and sparkling drops.

Every nation has its own drinking traditions. So when you are at a hospitable Kyivan table, remember the following:

-on holidays Kyivans like to drink
-some of them like to drink very much
-the feast usually begins from champagne, regardless of the food available. After the first solemn drink everybody sifts to what he likes, be it vodka, cognac, wine or mineral water (for those "unlucky", who have to drive back home)
-at table the drinks are usually served by one and the same person (at home it will usually be the host). It is not accepted "to change the pouring hand)
-Kyivans are very hospitable, and this is not only true for bread and salt. Do not accept to drink some more, if you think you've had enough. They may insist a lot, but if you give up, you risk getting drunk
-do not be surprised, if you will be asked for a toast. A well-prepared greeting speech will help you to stand the eloquence exam with honour -the most laconic Ukrainian toast: "Bud'mo". This word means wishes of health, happiness, and everything one may wish.